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1515 Kyle Ave.

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Reception - Clean & Spacious with several seating areas to separate patients. We offer a small retail area with remedies for common ailments and an extensive selection of prescription and regular diets for cats and dogs.

Exam Room 1 - Clean & Quiet

Exam Room 3

Pharmacy - Fully stocked pharmacy to treat most medical conditions

Operating Room - equipped with the latest patient monitoring equipment, IV fluid pump, Isoflurane anesthesia, dental radiographs, and digital medical records. All patients monitored by Licensed Veterinary Technician. 

Recovery - Surgical patients recover in a central location for close monitoring. 

Treatment & Lab - Separate treatment area to place catheters, give subcutaneous fluids, examine surgical patients, and care for hospitalized patients. We also have lab to perform complete blood count, various chemistry panels, cytology, heartworm tests, fecals, and many other diagnostic services.

Digital Radiology & Ultrasound - Offering both ultrasound and x-rays allows the doctors to practice the very best in patient care when extra steps are needed to diagnose an illness. 

Grooming - Yvonne has offered grooming services in Eaton Rapids for over 30 years. She looks forward to working with you.

Boarding Kennel - A newly remodeled facility offers a clean and well lit boarding environment for your furry friends while you are away. Veterinary supervised boarding offers a safe option for diabetics, pets recovering from surgery, or who have special medical conditions. 

Boarding Kennel

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All hours are by appointment only. We no longer have walk-in hours on Saturdays. Please call (517)663-1601 for an appointment.


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